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If you own or operate a business, you have multiple priorities on your plate. You have to work hard to uphold a business that’s both profitable and attractive to the public. However, legal disputes can upend your business goals and threaten your source of income. In fact, a serious business dispute can even lead to total dissolution of your business. Don’t let that happen.

Put the exceptional civil litigation attorneys at Smid Law on your side to defend your interests and seek an end to your business dispute. We proudly defend companies like yours in Indianapolis, Indiana, as well as the neighboring areas of Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, and Zionsville.

Common Business Disputes

There are many reasons why ordinary disagreements between individuals can develop into serious legal battles. From contract and partnership disputes to shareholder disputes and business torts, the simplest of arguments can escalate quickly. Mitigate the potential damage and protect your business’s future by putting a top-notch legal team on your side as soon as possible.

Contract Disputes

A contract can be used to set the terms of a financial exchange, partnership, employment arrangement, supply order, or another transaction. If one party feels that another has breached the terms of a signed contract, a dispute may arise that requires legal action to resolve. 

At Smid Law, we’ll strive to help you reach a favorable resolution if you’ve been accused of breach of contract or if you’re dealing with another issue involving a signed legal document.

Partnership Disputes

Business partnerships can be advantageous, but they can also lead to issues if you and your partner aren’t on the same page when it comes to important business decisions. If you have found yourself embroiled in a partnership dispute, talk to us today. We have extensive experience handling legal issues involving breaches of fiduciary duty, financial disputes, authority disputes, and more.

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Shareholder Disputes

When the owners or some shareholders of a company disagree with other shareholders, tensions can quickly rise. It may be necessary for an attorney to get involved to help all parties reach a resolution. No matter the cause of the shareholder dispute you are dealing with, allow us to represent your best interests and advocate for the outcome you need.

Business Torts

If your business has suffered a financial loss due to the wrongful acts of another individual or entity, you may be able to seek compensation. Our legal team at Smid Law is here to help you fight back against the reckless behavior that caused your business harm. Schedule a free consultation with us today to discuss your options.

Put Your Business in Capable Hands

If you’re experiencing a business litigation issue, you may want to defend yourself, explain your side of a dispute, or avoid liability. We’ll strive to listen to your story, understand your needs, and build your case to suit your specific goals. While negotiation out of court may be preferential, we’re not afraid to take your case to court to fight for the results you deserve.

When your business’s future is at stake, you need Smid Law on your side. Our highly experienced attorneys understand business disputes like the backs of their hands. We have handled several high-profile cases and have years of experience defending people like you in the courtroom. Schedule a free consultation with us today to get started. We serve clients in Indianapolis, Indiana, as well as the surrounding areas, including Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, and Zionsville.

Business Litigation Attorneys Serving Indianapolis, Indiana

If the future of your business is in jeopardy, put your trust in a team that produces innovative strategies, delivers open communication, and is committed to seeking results for every client. Turn to Smid Law today to get the dedicated defense you need when a contract, shareholder, partnership, or other dispute arises.